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From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/13/1999 10:23:59
Hello All!

First of all, sorry for the cross-posting but it's the best way to reach
those who aren't on all the various mailinglists.  Also, I noticed that
this User Group is mentioned in the User Group section.  That is very much
appreciated. :)  For those of you that haven't seen that yet, well I guess
this is just a reminder. :)

I just wanted to let those of you in the Los Angeles area know that there
is a BSD user group.  So far we have a forum going on Yahoo! clubs and we
also have a website that I've been working on for additional club info and
such.  I'm planning a forum where people can help each other out, also a
calendar section where we can keep track of computer shows and things of
that nature.

This user group is still pretty much in it's infancy.  As such, the first
official meeting is to be scheduled soon.  I'm hoping to get more people
interested in attending the meetings.  Wouldn't be much fun to have a one
man meeting.  For the meetings, I'm planning to have it somehwere where we
can borrow some electricity for laptops, or PC's, and what not.  I'm
planning an instal-a-thon of your favorite BSD operating system and a whole
lot more.  Maybe even a a "vi" tutorial for the new guys. :)

If you would like more information or would like to join the Yahoo! club
you can go check out:

Thank you for you time and I wish you happy hacking. :)


Joey Bear Garcia
Downey, CA