Subject: WaveLAN advice
To: None <>
From: Chris Jones <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/08/1999 16:32:24
Has anybody out there in NetBSD-land had any experience with WaveLAN
products?  Especially for inter-building networks?  The ISP I work for
is considering offering WaveLAN to its customers.

This brings up an interesting line of thought.  If WaveLAN is *really*
just a replacement for ethernet, then how do you prevent random people
from grabbing an IP number and using your link?  And how do you go
about limiting the bandwidth a user can use?

For the first question, I suppose I can have my gateway machine
maintain a list of static ARP entries, and refuse to talk with
somebody using a mismatched IP/MAC address pair.  Then I can put in
bogus entries for any unassigned IP's.  I wonder how easy it is to
spoof a MAC address over WaveLAN?

The second question could be more difficult, though.  Anybody have any
ideas?  How *do* you limit bandwidth usage through a gateway machine?
Ultimately, it would be neat if I could have the gateway allow
unlimited access to our internal network, but bandwidth-limited access
to our outbound connection.  Any ideas?


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