Subject: Re: q3test + riva tnt working..
To: Brad Spencer <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/03/1999 03:08:04
Brad Spencer writes:
> Hello...
> I, for one, would be very interested in seeing native GLX running under
> NetBSD.  I believe that your assumptions about GLX clients is correct.

I have a native '' running on my NetBSD/i386 ELF system right now. 
The various Mesa clients run great, and q3test also works.  I'm using
the with the "normal" XF86_SVGA built from /usr/xsrc.  Seems quite
nifty.  Performs nice compared to software only. :)

> Given a GLX client, it should display without any major issue on any GLX
> server.

The '*' files need to be replaced by the '*' files though.
Otherwise the clients will still use the software renderer.  It is simple
enough to just link against libGL* when you build the app though.

I have built it on my NetBSD 1.4 system also. (well a 1.4_BETA kernel)
There has been minimal testing, on a NetBSD 1.4 system with a Riva128.
I didn't do anything other than run 'glinfo' to verify the renderer was
the nvidia, and 'morph3d' to see highspeed GL!! :)
[ look on ]
If someone could test this for me, I would appreciate it.

Anyway, it is definitely *nice* to have hardware GL support under NetBSD! 

Well, off to sleep!

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