Subject: Re: IP-NAT and DCC
To: Mason Loring Bliss <>
From: Guido Falsi +-|- <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/06/1999 00:47:19
On 05-May-99 Mason Loring Bliss wrote:
>> Is there a way to make dcc wrk throught ipnat using some line similar to the
>> map ppp0  ->  proxy port ftp ftp/tcp
>> we use for ftp?
> FTP is a nailed down port, is it not? I think you can probably do outbound
> DCC connections fine, but I'm not sure how you can manage doing inbound
> connections. (I don't actually know enough about DCC to know how it works

no, dcc is a very strange protocol I don't know much about it either, but I can
accept inbound offers, but others cannot accept my offers

This appens becouse when I want to send a file I send an offer throught the irc
server, then the person to which I want to send the file accepts the offer and
his client connects to mine to start the transfer, I think  the port to which
the person must connect is specified in the dcc offer, so I don't think nat can
guess it in any easy way :-(

> on the port level, so I'm pretty much just guessing. I *think* not having
> a nailed-down port will be an issue, though.)

The problem is that dcc doesn't have any nailed down ports...
>> do I need to install socks5?
> That would probably do the trick...

Mhmm, I'll try that...

Guido Falsi +-|- <>