Subject: Re: kerberos IV for dummies?
To: Andrew Gillham <>
From: Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/03/1999 18:07:57
Earlier I asked for Hesiod docs and found

a lot of the early look-what-we-did-at-MIT research articles are in there.
They're very easy reading and give you a great start, as well as being
ideologically inspiring, and (as any good research article does) they make
a lot of people look very, very stupid.

[I've started maintaining a list of stupid ideas, which i'll put on the
web some day soon, but if anyone wants a copy of it, send me an email.
Perhaps when it gets longer I will get some help with attributions--i know
less history than i should.]

The docs I refered you to will not help you administer Kerberos much.  But
if you haven't read them, they're required reading for sure.

The Athena paper and the man pages were just barely almost enough for me
on BSDI.  (i also had a release note from BSDI)  But I'm pretty sure there
is an O'Reilly book with the three-headed dog on the cover if you want it.
i could be misremembering.

FWIW I couldn't get KerberosIV to do anything useful either, and I've
actually set it up on BSDI once before with basically all the same
commands NetBSD wants me to use, so I'm not a moron here.  However, I do
have an alpha, one of the less-equal-than-others ports.  i abandoned it
and figured i'd try to make KerberosV work some day--no point in fixing
abandoned code, especially since i'm a US citizen. xntpd's encryption
didn't seem to work either, but i was probably doing it wrong or

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