Subject: Perl Locale Problem
To: None <>
From: Wes Zuber <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/02/1999 08:21:50
I have freshly installed NetBSD v 1.3.3
I have been through the archives in a vain attempt to find why I get
"Setting locale failed" message while running "perl -v" (and any other perl
script). At first I compiled and installed perl 5.005. I got the message
while compiling. So then I retrieved the package from NetBSD and installed
that.. no luck. I even found a page on the net
"" that describes
locale and what problems can come occur. I tried setting my environment
variable LC_ALL to "C" just to see if the warnings from perl would go away
(as indicated by the above referenced web page) and still nothing changed.

Does anyone what dumb thing I am overlooking?