Subject: Install issues
To: None <>
From: Hal Murray <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/24/1999 04:13:36
> Over a network connection, it can be nearly as easy as a CD-ROM install. 
> A netboot based install package for workstations with MOP/BOOTP support
> ...

I think there are two separate cases for installs.

The first is when you know what you are doing, have things setup, 
and want to bring up another machine.  Packages may help that. 

The other is when you don't (yet) know what you are doing and are 
trying to get NetBSD going for the first time.  I'm far from a wizard 
at that sort of stuff.  I blundered around several times while I 
was learning how to install NetBSD but I managed to do it without 
getting too frustrated. 

One thing that might help newbies (like me) get off the ground would 
be a checklist of steps that have to happen when doing the install.  
I'm thinking of something that is only a page or two long with pointers 
off to the details.  The idea is to have separate checklists for 
each hardware platform and/or installation medium/method that makes 
sense.  There is obviously a tradeoff between maintaining too many 
lists vs not having the one for the system you want.  Usually, the 
info I want is right there in the documentation after I know where 
to look. 

If nothing else, it might be good to have a checklist for a few common 
hardware configurations (say the ones that get used by developers 
when testing snapshots) so they are likely to be more accurate and/or 
more up to date. 

I assume most people make their own version of the checklist and 
use it as a shortcut when they need to look something up.  Mine is 
about a page and a half, about a third of that is things that are 
specific to our local environment here.