Subject: IPNAT doesn't work ! - 4
To: None <>
From: Olli <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/16/1999 19:13:32
Hi all,

Guenther rau wrote:

>As hte netbsd machine gets IP-addresses assigned
>in the 195.63.108 net, I assume the other end should be in the
>same net. Please ask your ISP if the address they provided to
>you is correct.

The IP is correct. I ask my ISP and the IP of the remote host (node)
is I also used tracert on NT and confirmed it.

1.) >netstat -rn
>tcpdump -v -v -x -s 1500 -i ppp0
>Then do a telnet from netbsd1 to physik
>Stop the tcpdump.
2.) >netstat -rn
>tcpdump -v -v -x -s 1500 -i ppp0
>Then do a traceroute -i ppp0 from netbsd1 to physik
>Stop the tcpdump.
3.) >netstat -rn
>then tcpdump -v -v -x -s 1500 -i ppp0
>then do a telnet from the linux machine to physik
>stop the tcpdump
4.) >tcpdump -v -v -x -s 1500 -i de0
>traceroute -i ppp0 from netbsd1 to linux
>stop the tcpdump.

I had a big problem. I was not able to try points 1,2,4 because
tcpdump does not go to the background. I tryed to use a second
terminal but I didn't know how to get (under Linux: ALT + F1,F2, ...).

I made the instructions on point 3 (appendix).