Subject: Re: AGAIN-2: does IPNAT work or not?
To: Olli <>
From: Guenther Grau <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/15/1999 12:43:48
Olli wrote:
> 2. ipnat -l after I established a connection to my ISP (telnet to
> remote host from Linux). I got displayed that the l IP is changed to

What was displayed where? Please cite the exact message und where it
was output (in a file? in the xterm? on the linux machine?)

Is the IP address the NetBSD machine got assigned
on the ppp interface? netstat -rn might be helpful.

> -> List of active sessions:
> -> MAP  1024 <- -> 1024 []
> Is it true that my Linux-box( is mapped to

This agrees with the tcpdump output but is wrong! 

> 3. I killed the telnet-program on my Linux-box (ppp-connection is
> still open) and called telnet again. Then ipnat -l displayes this:
> -> List of active sessions:
> -> MAP 1027 <- -> 1027 [ 23]

This is also wrong! If I understand ipnat properly it should be

MAP 1027 <- -> 40000 [ 23]

Nevertheless, neither port 40000 nor port 1027 ever appear on the
ppp interface. Only port 1050. Did you have any other connection
open to ?

> Bruce Anderson (Subj:"Re: does IPNAT work or not?") told me that ppp
> on demand does not work with dynamic IP's may this be true? And I will
> never get my NetBSD-1.3.2-box working as a dialup-router (ecause I'm
> using dyn. IP's for this host)?

I can't answer that question, someone else? I believe it _should_ work,
given that it can be configured to use dynamic addresses :-)

> 4. I called "tcpdump -n -i ppp0" and telnet .

Still not using the options I asked for ...
Btw., which version of tcpdump are you using?

I just sent a mail to current-users asking if it should work.