Subject: Again : problems on routing
To: None <>
From: Olli <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/10/1999 07:05:55
Hi all,

last night I enabled the IPFORWARDING ond the NetBSD-machine. If I
made a ping from a Linux-computer to a host out of my network - the
NetBSD-computer dialed up to my ISP. OK -but I didn't get any
response. So I tryed traceroute

-> traceroute to
-> 1 ( 1.978ms ...
-> 2 * * *
-> 3 * * *

Two reasons may be possible:

1. The NetBSD-machine establishes a connection to my ISP but does not
send the
    received packages from the internet host back to Linux.

2. The IP-header of each package sended from the Linux-box containes:

    target-IP =
    source-IP =

    Because the NetBSD-box makes no IP-translation the IP-headers
containe the
    source-IP If the host (with IP = sends
the packages
    back to me the packages will not be routed because the router in
the internet will
    never route packages with an target-IP = - and thus I
didn't get a

What did you think about it?