Subject: Again: Re: problems on routing
To: None <>
From: Olli <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/09/1999 22:26:57

thanks for your mail!

>Does the NetBSD machine have the IP-address


>What IP-address has the Linux machine?

>Have you got IPFORWARDING enabled on the NetBSD machine, i.e.
>does it act as a router?

I don't know this option (maybe in rc.conf?).

> When you ping the NetBSD machine from
>the Linux one, does it respond?


>What does the routing tableon the NetBSD machine look like?

/usr/bin/netstat -r

Destination            Gateway                    Interface
default                  ppp0
localhost                localhost                        lo0
192.168.1                link#1                            de0        08:00:2b:e4:3e:2e        lo0        default                    ppp0

> what happens when you ping to an IP-address outside the network?

Ping an IP-address on the NetBSD machine outside the network works
(NetBSD dialup the ISP).

>Does it reach the netbsd machine, i.e. can you see it with tcpdump?

I'm not familiar with tcpdump. I tryed traceroute
-> traceroute,max 30 hops ...
->1 * * *
->2 * * *
It seams there is a problem with the NetBSd machine. I looked in man
traceroute and I found that it might be a bug in the 4.[23] BSD
network code - but I didn't understand it well. I hope it is not
relevant for my stuff.

>You shuld try to explain in more detail what you already tried.

I try to setup the NetBSD machine as a dialup router in my network. If
I start a Web-browser, ftp-program or simple a ping on the other
computers (with Linux , NT or FreeBSD) - the request is send to the
NetBSD machine and this one establishes a connection to the ISP via
modem (and thus to the internet).