Subject: Re: [UPDATE 2] ne1: device timeout IMPORTANT
To: Francesco Zerra <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/07/1999 20:21:20
On Feb 5, Francesco Zerra wrote
> Ok...
> I started my box with Configuration Diskette and changed IRQ from 10 to 5 from
> the BIOS setup and rebooted.
> The 3C579-TP configurator (that comes within 3COM diskette) says that the card
> is using IRQ channel 5 (as expected).
> Instead, the NetBSD kernel (the GENERIC one too) tells me that the card is
> still using IRQ 10!!!! (This appened also when I unplugged the NE2000 card)
> [...]

The kernel is supposed to find the IRQ by itself. If it did still pick up
IRQ 10, then something was not updated on the board.
I don't know how EISA is supposed to work, maybe is has some kind of
plug'n'play facility. Is there a place in your BIOS where you could say
"irq 10 used by isa" ?

Manuel Bouyer <>