Subject: Re: Newby's questions
To: Koestler Sonja <>
From: Randy Devol <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/05/1999 08:58:01
At 07:08 AM 2/5/99 +0100, Koestler Sonja wrote:
>Hi listers,
>I've installed NetBSD on my machine and everything is working fine so far.
>But I have some questions:
>1) Is it possible to get a tcsh or at least a "switch" for command
>completion for the text terminal?

Once pppd is up and connected to your ISP you can:
get the file from NetBSD-current, 
unzip and untar it in the /usr directory,
cd to /usr/pkgsrc/shells/tsch
type "make ; make install"

and like magic, it will get made.  It will likely take a while for it has
to download sources and then compile everything.  Once it is compiled and
installed, you will still need to update your password file entry to use tsch.

>2) How do I find out to wich parameters I can set LANG (I need german) ;
>also for text terminal?

Uh, don't know. 

>3) Is there something like a "bloody beginner's guide" ?

A friend of mine found the book, "UNIX for the Impatient" very helpful.  He
is very impatient and it got him started quickly.  (It is in English.)

I found the FAQs helpful for me.  I think I got them from the news group
comp.sys.bsd.  Also the FreeBSD web site has lots of helpful hints that
also apply to NetBSD. 

-=O=- Randy

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