Subject: Re: Newby's questions
To: Koestler Sonja <>
From: Guenther Grau <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/05/1999 14:10:30
Koestler Sonja wrote:
> Hi listers,
> I've installed NetBSD on my machine and everything is working fine so far.
> But I have some questions:
> 1) Is it possible to get a tcsh or at least a "switch" for command
> completion for the text terminal?

Yes. You can simple download the latest sources of tcsh-6.08.00 and
compile it yourself or have a look at the NetBSD package system.
Go to and browse your way through the packages.
I just checked, there are binary versions for some architectures

> 2) How do I find out to wich parameters I can set LANG (I need german) ;
> also for text terminal?

I don't know offhand, but try man setlocale and follow the references.
I don't think that setting the language will change much, though :-)

> 3) Is there something like a "bloody beginner's guide" ?

Huh, if you managed the installation on your own I wouldn't call you
a bloody begginner anymore ;-) To be serious, there is a German book
which is written for beginners with various *BSDs. This might be a
BSD mit Methode.
Gebundene Ausgabe - 856 Seiten (1998) 
Computer u. Literatur, M.; ISBN: 3932311310

Besides that, most unix books will do fine. You should look for a book
on system administration and a book for normal unix commands.