Subject: On the subject of Network cards . . . . .
To: '' <>
From: gsjarvis <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/04/1999 10:29:22
I have a SMC EtherCard Plus Elite16 Combo (i.e. found as we0) and I think=
have a memory conflict problem.

I have set the card to - =

i/o base addr: 280
IRQ: 5
RAM base addr: D000

but I'm getting (loads of) -

we0: length does not match next packet pointer
we0: len 0000 nlen 2600 start 0c first 0d curr 0f next 00 stop 40

BTW - I'm still using the generic kernel.

Strangely if I set the card to -
i/o base addr: 280
IRQ: 3
RAM base addr: D000

(i.e. just a different IRQ) I don't get the 'length' problem but I still
can't use the card because of the conflicts with COM1 (!) :-(

Can anyone tell me if there is a util. for looking for memory
Or does anyone have a we0 configured ???