Subject: Re: ne1: device timeout (Sorry)...
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Robert Alexander Baxter <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/04/1999 09:11:52
Manuel Bouyer wrote:

> On Feb 3, Robert Alexander Baxter wrote
> > [...]
> > able to use irq 2 for the ne1 if you don't have an ATX power supply.
> > ATX power supplies use irq 9, which is wired to irq 2, in a way.
> Strange. I have ATX cases here, and sure I can use irq 2/9 without problems
> on this machines. I guess if you tell the bios irq 9 is used by ISA
> it will allocate another one for the power supply if it really needs to.

Actually, I should have written that SOME ATX power supplies
use IRQ 2/9.  If your ATX motherboard and power supply
DO talk to each other (e.g. to have a fancy software controlled
power feature) they WILL use IRQ 2/9 (not any other).  If they
DON'T talk to each other, then you can use that interrupt for
another peripheral (as I do, for my soundcard).

-Alex (:-)