Subject: Re: How to install to a Laptop
To: Guenther Grau <>
From: Lukas Ruf <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/03/1999 21:12:30
On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Guenther Grau wrote:

> > I own a Laptop with a Floppy, a HD (IDE), a PCMCIA-Network Card and
> > would like to install NetBSD on this machine. On the other hand I run a
> > PC with Linux/FreeBSD and can share a mounted CD-ROM to other computers
> > in my network. I retrieved an ftp-copy of the NetBSD 1.3.?-Release.
> > 
> tells you about the general way to install NetBSd on your computer.
> I'd recommend you create a bootdisk for your laptop and boot into
> "sysinst", the installation program. After that choose ftp or
> NFS install and setup the ip information. Then setup any other
> machine on the net as either ftp- or NFS-server and install from there.
> If this doesn't work for you, please tell us exactly what you did
> up to this point and what the ouput of sysinst was.
>   Guenther

Ok, thanks. I'll do that. I was quite insured, when I first read the
paper you mentioned:
3. Booting NetBSD

        [PCMCIA]: unplug your PCMCIA devices, so that they won't be
        found by NetBSD.

I thought booting for installation will work the same way... So, I'll
try an tell you about the results.

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