Subject: Re: Again: how post-configuration after installation
To: Oliver Graemer <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/29/1999 17:26:19
	If you have set rc_configured=YES in rc.conf (Note there is no
	space there), then it should give you a login prompt when
	it boots.

	At the moment you are booting to single user mode so it
	will not mount filesystems and not give you any login options.

	If you have set rc_configured and it is still stopping at single
	user mode, check that you have the SRM flags set appropriately:


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On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, Oliver Graemer wrote:

> Hi ,
> I'm again and I'm not happy because it is not easy for me to keep
> NetBSD well runing.
> I need to know th following:
> 1. How set the several partitions (/usr, /var, /home ...) be mounted
> during booting and writeable?
> 2. How to made the bash as the default login shell (I inserted the
> path in /etc/shells but I get allways following message during boot
> procces:
> "Enter pathname of shell or Return for sh:"
> 3. Which is the best choice - pc3 or vt220 terminal for a slow DEC UDB
> Multia (tga interface)?
> 4. How to set the default terminal?
> I tyed the following without any success:
> fsck -p && mount -a
> export TERM=pc3
> in rc.conf I changed rc_confgured = yes and hostname = "netbsd1"
> I hope someone will helpme.
> Thanks a lot,
> Oliver