Subject: Re: Linux Oracle on V1.3.3/i386
To: None <Scott.Burns@Netcontech.Com>
From: Zach Fine <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/28/1999 10:53:27
I think there's even a set of Linux Libraries in the NetBSD package
will get you started.

The steps you'll need to take are probably along the lines of: See for
directions on downloading pkgsrc.tar.gz and unpacking it. Then 'cd'
into pkgsrc/emul/linux_libs (or whatever the linux libs directory is
called) and type 'make && make install' as root. Assuming the package
installs both Linux's shared libraries and the associated tools
(ldconfig etc), you can probably go ahead and run Linux executables
without fuss.  It'll probably be worth your while to read 'man
compat_linux' as well.

-Zach Fine