Subject: Re: boot disk image for alphas ...
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/16/1999 16:04:26
> From: "Oliver Graemer" <>
> I'm trying to install NetBSD on my DEC UDB "Multia" via net. So I need
> a boot disk. In the README file is recommanded to use the file
> flopp-144 (directory: alpha/installation/floppy). But I didn't found
> this file! Only the files install132.fs and netbsd.ram.gz. Should I
> use install132.fs with the command
> dd if = install132.fs of=/dev/fd0   (LINUX)
> for the creation of a boot floppy?

In 1.3.2, the instructions and the actual filename don't match; the .fs file
is the one you want. In 1.3.3, they do match.

I'm not sure what linux will do with those spaces around the =, the
traditional dd(1) command for floppies is

	dd if=install132.fs of=/dev/fd0 bs=18k
or	dd if=floppy-144 of=/dev/fd0 bs=18k