Subject: NetBSD holiday card
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/25/1998 09:12:18
As another year draws to a close, it's time for me to do my second annual
NetBSD holiday card e-mail.

It's time to say thanks to (in no particular order, grouped by syntactical

- Jason Thorpe, who brought me into this hell we call `key development'

- Chris Demetriou, who showed me that change is a good thing
- der Mouse, who showed me that sometimes it's not
- Ted Lemon, who stood in the middle and ate rotten tomatoes

- Perry Metzger, Bernd Ernesti, Klaus Klein, and Thor Simon, who kept me
  within my britches

- Herb Peyerl and Charles Hannum, for spearheading the first real NetBSD
  CD-ROM project

- Mark Brinicombe & Neil Carson, for the arm32 port, and all the ex-DECies
  that adapted it for the Shark
- Krister Walfridsson, who voluntarily dove into code that none of the
  rest of us would touch unless paid to do so
- Tim Rightnour, for doing some well needed `dirty work'

- Curt Sampson, who stimulated parts of my brain I had thought were broken
- Matthew Green and Erik Fair, for just being themselves

- Every developer I've missed because they haven't come to mind right away
  while writing this

- The NetBSD users, without whom this would be just a back room project
- The NetBSD founders, without whom this back room project wouldn't exist

In the past year we've put out a major release and three patch releases,
added lots of new stuff to -current, and gained support from many new NetBSD
users and the interest of several corporations.

We've also managed to fling a lot of mud, including such comments as
`clueless', `idiotic', `stupid', `dumb', `pointless', `moronic', and even
`slut'.  (For humor's sake, one of those isn't real, but the rest of them

I hope that in the coming new year that we can work more on our own personal
attitudes, and proceed more with fueling the good parts about NetBSD, its
management, its developers, and its end-users.  We have a good thing going,
and with the right spirit, it can become better yet.

-- Todd Vierling (Personal; Bus.