Subject: Re: urgent, help!
To: Ye Chen <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/21/1998 13:34:49
On Dec 19, Ye Chen wrote
> Hi everybody:
> This is ye chen, a student in ECE University of Central Florida, Orlando, 
> FL. Now I am installing the NetBSD, I encounter some problem with the 
> Ethenet card. I will install the netbsd on a pc( 100 MHZ, DELL, 1G), I 
> decide to install it via network. I download the package on other pc. I 
> use the 3com 905b -tx PCI fast ethenet card. When I use the netbad boot 
> floopy to boot the system, I found the card has not been properly 
> detected. From the document, the ethenet card should have been supported 
> by the version I used( netbsd 1.3.2).

The 3c905 is supoported, but not the 905b. close part numbers doesn't mean
they're the same ! The 905b doesn't use the same ethernet chip as the 905.

> Anybody who has such experience 
> can do me a favor to share your precious experience with me about using 
> this type ethenet card.
> Because the ethenet card can not function properly, so I change to another
> type ethernet card:
> Intel EthenetExpress PRO/100B PCI Ethenet card.
> the card is properly detected and device  is: fxp0
> however when I use it to install the netbsd via network, it does not 
> work( I mean, when I choose ftp to install, after I enter, there has no 
> response , I wait a long time, and the network card is working from the 
> indicator light). I have no idea about it. the IP and other network 
> configute data should be correct. If you know the problem, Please e-mail 
> me. Great thanks

Look at your BIOS settings and check that PCI busmastering is enabled,
and that every IRQ used by an ISA card is marked as 'used by isa card'.

Manuel Bouyer, LIP6, Universite Paris VI.