Subject: urgent, help!
To: None <>
From: Ye Chen <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/19/1998 17:08:03
Hi everybody:

This is ye chen, a student in ECE University of Central Florida, Orlando, 
FL. Now I am installing the NetBSD, I encounter some problem with the 
Ethenet card. I will install the netbsd on a pc( 100 MHZ, DELL, 1G), I 
decide to install it via network. I download the package on other pc. I 
use the 3com 905b -tx PCI fast ethenet card. When I use the netbad boot 
floopy to boot the system, I found the card has not been properly 
detected. From the document, the ethenet card should have been supported 
by the version I used( netbsd 1.3.2). Anybody who has such experience 
can do me a favor to share your precious experience with me about using 
this type ethenet card.

Because the ethenet card can not function properly, so I change to another
type ethernet card:

Intel EthenetExpress PRO/100B PCI Ethenet card.

the card is properly detected and device  is: fxp0
however when I use it to install the netbsd via network, it does not 
work( I mean, when I choose ftp to install, after I enter, there has no 
response , I wait a long time, and the network card is working from the 
indicator light). I have no idea about it. the IP and other network 
configute data should be correct. If you know the problem, Please e-mail 
me. Great thanks

You kind help is highly appreciated. I am looking forward to receiving 
your message.

Best regards
Merry Chrismas

ye chen  

ye  chen
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Central Florida
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             Orlando  FL  32826 
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