Subject: hosts & domains
To: NetBSDUsers <>
From: Guy <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/03/1998 08:57:10
I'm tryin to send mail to other users on
remote systems, but i'm having some
It can connect to the ISP, no problem,  and I
have lynx working no problem.  So I think the
must be in one of the configuration files.

  I had it working for a short time, I was
able to send the mail from my system, but in
trying to get pine working, I managed to
screw something up.  Now when I try to send
mail using the mail commad I get this

gethostbyaddress[] failed

Where is this problem from?

this address was the local address assigned
from the ppp connection.

I'm a little unclear on some of the
configuration settings and what should be
entered in them.

My name server, smtp server, and the other
one for mail are all the same.  (  Thats what is entered
in netscape settings.

In rc.conf it asks for "hostname'and "domain
name" and "default route".  What should I
enter in here?

Should my system have a host name now; do I
need to set that somewhere?

Does anybody have any others hints for
trouble shooting the mail problems?