To: None <>
From: Anders Dinsen <dinsen@DANBBS.DK>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/28/1998 16:26:44
There's an nntpd substitute called leafnode that functions as a fuly
fledged nntp server, but does'nt need an newsfeed and only fetches
news for groups that are read (but otherwise exposes all accessible

The make complains that UIO_MAXIOV is'nt defined. That's because in
*.h the #define is surrounded by #ifdef _KERNEL

I don't know what UIO_MAXIOV does, so my question is:=20

Is it safe to define UIO_MAXIOV=3D1024 in the makefile (knowing that I
have to check this agains the include file when I upgrade NetBSD)?