Subject: Re: modern version of PGP for NetBSD?
To: None <>
From: Bjoern Labitzke <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/27/1998 01:23:56
[David W. Talmage is searching for PGP 5.x]

[Bob Klepfer heard rumours]

Those rumours are partly wrong. You are correct about the change of the
keys, but that is optional, not required. You can continue to use
RSA-keys, but you may change to Diffie-Hellman, if you like. The latter
has the advantage, that the license on it ran out last year, so this is
now a completely free public key algorithm.

The part about the source was wrong. The source is still available and
distributed like before. Americans should look at ,
while the rest of the world should contact . At the
latter you will find all international versions up to 5.5.3i for a few
platforms and their source and source for all platforms up to 5.0i.
(Though announced, the development on the Unix front doesn't seem to have
advanced any further than 5.0i yet.)

I got the source from the server and compiled it without any problems I
could recall. Because I am mostly rather unpatient, I am sure, there
weren't any hard problems. 5.0i is working here for quite some time
without any problems. 

To be informed completely and correctly, please check the mentioned pages,
especially the FAQ, which explains that any rumours about backdoors, key
recovery etc. in PGP are just that: Rumours. The source is still available
and apparently no one has found anything yet, or it would have been
published by someone.

Hope this helps...

Bye, Bjoern

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