Subject: Re: first issue of Daemon News, a BSD ezine
To: Mike Smith <>
From: Christopher R. Bowman <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/01/1998 17:38:49
At 12:56 PM 9/1/98 +0000, Mike Smith wrote:
>> I am looking at the site with Netscape 4.05 for FreeBSD and the left
>> column is cut off for the links. Is anyone else seeing this or is it=20
>> all my fault. ;-)
>Definitely your fault; looks OK here (there are some other layout=20
>problems, but that's not one of them).

I don't think so, I am running Netscape=AE Communicator 4.04 on an NT Box=
and I also have the left edge cut off.  But I have no problems with any=

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