Subject: Re: first issue of Daemon News, a BSD ezine
To: Ron 'The Insane One' Rosson <>
From: Vince Vielhaber <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/01/1998 16:40:00
On 01-Sep-98 Ron 'The Insane One' Rosson wrote:
> I am looking at the site with Netscape 4.05 for FreeBSD and the left
> column is cut off for the links. Is anyone else seeing this or is it 
> all my fault. ;-)

Your own fault, I hate to say.  Looks perfect here.  I'm using 4.06 on 
FreeBSD.  Can you make Netscape any wider?  Just guessing but it looks
like it'd take up the full screen in 800*600 mode, I'm set up wider
than that.

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