Subject: Re: X bit depth question...
To: None <>
From: Christopher Palmer <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/26/1998 13:30:44
About switching resolutions:

> I know you can control the screen resolution on the fly -- I don't
> know if you can control the "visual" if it switches to/from true
> color, but I suspect you can switch other things. Read the XFree
> documentation for details, but XFree is capable of doing some cool
> things.

Yes, I'm running XFree86 on Linux/x86. In the setup program, you can
select which resolutions you'd like to use, and cycle between them with
[CTRL ALT +] and [CTRL ALT -]. A similar thing can be done with bit-depth,
although I'm not up on that because I leave it in 24bpp all the time (I
hate Doom). :)

> Doom can't handle a true color visual? It *requires* a non-true color
> visual? I find that hard to believe, but if it is true, the sources to 
> Doom are available and should be *very* easy to fix on this (unless
> they are playing colormap tricks to simulate animation :( )

Yeah, it's true all right. It was written for DOS, in the time of
640x480x8 screen know, waaayyy back in 1993...

-- Chris
    Christopher Reid Palmer : :