Subject: Re: Voice mail?
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/05/1998 15:22:40
> Are there any voice mail solutions available for NetBSD? Either
> something that works with a voice-capable modem, or with voice mail
> hardware? Anything for Linux that could be ported?

Yes, there are two types of solutions - the serial (or internal)
voice modem option, which could be used with vgetty, works decently
but can be particular about which brand/model of modems you use.
I also find the sound quality slightly poor (but I'm very fussy).

Some of the voice cards that I've seen come with very complete 
documentation and APIs in C, which could be made to work with 
NetBSD pretty easily - but I don't own any of the cards, or know
about anyone using them with NetBSD.

Depending on the app, vgetty may be fine - like if it is just an
answering machine type of setup you want. I haven't seen an 
intensive IVR app done with vgetty, but someone probably has
something interesting out there...

						David Maxwell