Subject: Re: NetBSD file system and Solaris2.5
To: None <>
From: Rob Windsor <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/14/1997 14:40:45
Verily did Dan McMahill write:

> Has anyone tried to mount a NetBSD drive on a Solaris machine?

> Is it possible?  

> I am wanting to be able to mount the NetBSD 4.2BSD file system
> on a zip drive on a sparc station running Solaris.  The idea
> is the sparc is at work and has a fast network connection so
> I can download stuff quickly and then take it home to my NetBSD
> machine which only has a slow modem connection.

> Any suggestions are appreciated.

Sort of possible.  I don't remember what fslevel above 1 that Solaris can
read, but I did play around with a fslevel-1 (native SunOS 4, "old" NetBSD)
filesystem.  ("dumpfs /dev/rsd7a | head -3"    # second line down, far right)

The metadata structures don't align, so you're permissions will get funky.
The neat thing that I noticed was that every file/directory that was touched
(read) wound up getting the perms cleared to 000 when the Solaris fsck went
over it.  Otherwise, the data was all intact.

That may be fine for data transfers, particularly if you just have large
tarballs that you're transporting.  It definately isn't suitable to have
multiple boot drives, each OS mounting other shared partitions (such as

If you're only moving data from Solaris -> NetBSD, you would have fewer
headaches if you let Solaris newfs the filesystem each time and then put
the data on it.  NetBSD's fsck will happily grok the Solaris filesystem
w/o munging metadata.

-- Rob
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