Subject: Multiple IP Addresses over PPP Link
To: '' <NetBSD-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Matt McRae <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/16/1997 10:12:51
Sorry for the previous message without a title.  THis on is a little =

I am doing some research on NetBSD for a future expansion.  An few =
issue's have arisen that I don't have a direct answer for.

Current Situation:

NetBSD/i386 V1.1 supporting a single permanent PPP connection to our ISP =
and providing web serving/firewall/email for our LAN.

Proposed Situation:

PPP Connection

Using NetBSD/i386 V1.2.1 as a web server that will be hosting multiple =
domain names via multiple IP addresses.  My ISP is able to support =
multiple IP addresses over a single PPP link using his Telebit server.  =
My question:

1.) Can this release's PPP daemon support multiple IP Addresses over a =
single PPP link ?
	If available can someone forward their PPP options file?


The server is for 2 different companies that have the same employees.  =
The two companies have separate business focuses, resulting in separate =
clients.  Image is my objective, I would like separate e-mail addresses:

i.e. and

1.) The server will be utilizing Sendmail that is supplied with V1.2.1, =
can it handle multi-domain environment ?
	- If it can what domain name will be associated with outgoing mail?  Is =
this controlled by the e-mail client software via the reply to address =
or is there a sendmail trick ?

2.) Currently we are utilizing e-mail alias file, as you can tell by my =
address, what happens with the multi-domain environment ? I would assume =
all aliases are automatically available to both domains as I am assuming =
that only one instance of the sendmail daemon is required ?

Appreciate your help

Matt McRae