Subject: Re: WINE will not link (and shell limits)
To: Brad Colbert <>
From: Jonathan Marsden <Jonathan@XC.Org>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/31/1997 20:35:22
On 31 Aug 1997, Brad Colbert writes:

>    I'm having a problem linking wine970824.  I'm getting an error
>    from the linker...
>    ld: virtual memory exhausted
>    I have 65 megs of swap space.  How could this be?

Check your shell limits.  ulimit -a will display them in bash.  These
are often too small for big compiles, or massive edits of huge files
in Emacs, for example.

The one I hit with Emacs is the data seg size limit.  You may be
hitting the vm size one.

In a root shell, you can fix these with ulimit -d 262144 and ulimit -v
262144 respectively.

Incidentally, does someone know where the default limits can be
configured in NetBSD 1.2.1?  I'd like to increase some of them...

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