Subject: Re: Unknown Root password????
To: Aaron Williams <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/13/1997 14:04:07
Aaron Williams wrote:

>  I received a system back from one of our labs today that is running
> NetBSD 1.0.  Everyone that was once involved with this system has
> had a major case of brain fade and can't remember any passwords.
> How can I remove the root password without knowing the password?

Do you have secure access to the console?  Can you bring it up in
single-user mode?  If so, when you come up in single-user mode, you will
be root.  Just use vipw to delete the encrypted password string from
root's entry.  Root will have no passwd at this point, so immediately use
passwd to create one.

I hope this helps.


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