Subject: Re: ping: socket: Permission denied
To: None <>
From: Stephane Engel <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/02/1997 09:20:52
Shane Mason disait :
>Hello everyone,
>After compiling a new kernel, everything works great except for ping. 
>If I login as any user set up on the system, I cannot ping.  I get the
>ping: socket: Permission denied
>If I su to root and ping, it works fine.

Then you just have to type the following command under root
# chmod u+s /sbin/ping
When you'll go back to an other account, yo'll be abble to ping :-)
(chmod u+s set a sticky bit on root account, so when you'll use ping, you'll do ut as if you were root)

>Can someone help me?  I have no idea where to begin looking.
>PS, what man pages can I look at to get info on the IP filtering and NAT
>features of netbsd 1.2?

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