Subject: Re: ISPs--use of NetBSD
To: April Gu Gruhn <>
From: Rick Byers <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/19/1997 17:08:14

I don't know anything about the SPARC port, but I use NetBSD 1.2/i386 on
two unix machines for IAW (a smallish ISP), and I believe it was the best
decision.  I feel NetBSD does the job much better than solaris, and we've
never had a stability problem.  We've had a bit of concern about security,
(OpenBSD has put a lot more work into finding holes), but we've never had
a major problem.  I've also found the NetBSD support (mailing lists) to be
excellent.  I believe BSDI has telephone tech support, which can be a good
idea if they don't have a UNIX guru.  If they allready have/plan on hiring
a UNIX guru, then I think NetBSD is the best choice.


On Tue, 18 Mar 1997, April Gu Gruhn wrote:

> To whomever:
>   I have a friend who wants to start an Internet Service using one of
> the free versions of BSD. Since I know the most about free OSs he asked
> me to inquire about the reliability/stability of NetBSD/FreeBSD/BSDI
> on the Sun SPARC. Can someone give me a feel for which would best fit
> his needs? I personally run NetBSD 1.2 on the i386, but know nothing
> about the other ports...
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