Subject: Re: Bind 4.9.4PL1 - 'Too many open files'
To: Jim Reid <>
From: Jon Ribbens <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 02/07/1997 11:58:28 (Jim Reid) wrote:
>     >> Today Bind has started to go strange on us. We're running Bind
>     >> 4.9.4PL1 under NetBSD 1.1. When we 'kill -HUP' the named, it
>     >> fails to reload the primary zones, saying 'Too many open
>     >> files'. It also seems to be doing this sometimes for zone
>     >> transfers. Does anybody have any idea why it does this (it
>     >> surely can't be *really* running out of files, it only needs
>     >> about 4 sockets and, err, no files)? Killing the named
>     >> completely and restarting it doesn't help, rebooting the
>     >> machine does.
> Maybe your kernel is running out of file descriptors?

I'm pretty sure it's not that - the error message was 'Too many
open files' and not 'Too many open files in system', and I think
I would've noticed if the kernel had run out of file descriptors
- it splats a message on the console when that happens, for a start.

> BTW, the current version of bind is 4.9.5P1.

I know. It's so much hassle upgrading things all the time, though,
and 4.9.4PL1 doesn't have any security holes or serious bugs I'm
aware of so I'm sticking with it for the moment ;-).


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