Subject: Re: problems with ppp
To: Mike Long <>
From: bryan collins <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/27/1995 11:37:11
> Some things to try:
> 1) Upgrade to -current; -current's com.c driver is much better than
> the one in 1.0.  pppd in -current is also newer and (I presume)
> better.

com.c doesn't seem to have changed from 1.0 to -current.

> 2) Increase the mtu/mru; I use the defaults (1500) for both.
> Increasing the mtu and mru decreases TCP/IP overhead, giving you
> better throughput.

no difference.

> 3) Use 'asyncmap 0x0' to eliminate control-character-quoting
> overhead.

as above
> Optimizations like these allow me to get ~1630 chars/sec FTP transfers
> over a 14.4kbps w/V.42+V.42bis modem.  My ISP uses Livingston
> Portmasters.

I can't seem to get -current kernel compiled, a few problems, missing header
files. (vnd.h, vt.h, audio.h etc)

The remote end is a xylogics annex.

Tried the latest pppd with 1.0, but no go.

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