Subject: Re: problems with ppp
To: John Kohl <>
From: Bakul Shah <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/25/1995 08:49:42
> Turn off RFC1323.  See /usr/src/sys/net/tcp*.c (I forget where it's

Set netinet/tcp_subr.c:tcp_do_rfc1323 to 0.  I did this
and used a smaller MTU to get better interactive response.
But this variable needs to be a per link variable, not a
global.  What if I have a long fat pipe *and* a slow ppp?

> I have filed a PR with a sysctl patch that lets you change it on the
> fly, but that PR has languished for quite a while with no action.

If you make it a per-link option, is sysctl the right way to
do it?  Any way, a global option is better than having to
edit the source.