Subject: Re: problems with ppp
To: None <>
From: bryan collins <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/25/1995 23:30:39
>Turn off RFC1323.  See /usr/src/sys/net/tcp*.c (I forget where it's

>I have filed a PR with a sysctl patch that lets you change it on the
>fly, but that PR has languished for quite a while with no action.

Doesnt seem to make any difference.

I have noticed, however, that ppp seems to be re-negotiating the IP numbers.

I'm also experencing lack of flow in plain telnet sessions looking at files.

It almost looks like a flow control problem, but the modems are find, and
pppd and the serial port are set to use crtsctrs, but still get the
lack of continuous flow.

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