Subject: Re: Gateway Problems
To: Ari Yrjola <>
From: src <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/15/1995 12:46:14
Ari Yrjola said:

> Your sl0 and eth0 IP addresses are on the same subnet, can't work.
> With that configuration your ethernet interface subnet has addresses
> from to, and your slip interface
> netmask overlaps with that, as it has addresses from
> to
> I don't think you should use routed at all, as netbsd supports
> kernel routing. I haven't tried with SLIP, but I guess there
> is similar functionality with sliplogin or slattach as with pppd,
> which informs kernel about new route when it starts and removes
> the routing entry when it stops.

	Indeed...  I thought that might be the problem, but was told that
the differing netmasks would get the kernel to sort things out.
My amiga is now happily functioning as a gatway.  Thanks alot!

	Now if I could just get that cisco to listen to my routes, I'll
have a fully connected subnet.

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