Subject: Re: NexGen Nx586 compatibility question:
To: Dr. Richard Kimble <>
From: Brian Litzinger <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/29/1995 12:52:54
> I am running a machine at home with 40 megs of RAM, 2 IDE drives with a 
> total of 1.4 gigs storage, a nameless vlb svga controller with an S868<?> 
> chip, promise eide controller, and a Nx586-100 motherboard.

> Will either netbsd or freebsd:
> a) run on the Nx586?

I'm running FreeBSD -current on a Nx586-90 without any problems.
Though you have to leave the 'cpu "I386_CPU"' line in your conf
file otherwise I get an error at boot.

> b) gain any advantage on the Nx586, over the Pentium, by ducking the CISC 
> code altogether and taking advantage of the RISC architecture?

I don't know.

> Thanks for your time.

Your welcome.

> -- John E. Jasen (

Brian Litzinger