Subject: Re: multi-boot problems - still
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/10/1995 08:59:22
> This is like a saga now...

> Thanks to all who helped with the pfdisk stuff , but I'm still stuck.
> Here's what's happening now.  I'm still not sure in which order I do
> things.  After partitioning and making the NetBSD a type 165 by using
> pfdisk, I do what?  I had partitioned my drives, did that type 165,
> installed Win95, then installed NetBSD.  After I copied the kernal image
> over to wd0a, I rebooted to a DOS floppy to run os-bs, but os-bs only found
> one bootable partition, NetBSD's (I did note to be sure that I specified
> the corrent start end and everything - I did).

it could be that os-bs can only find partitions in the first 520MB
(or whatever the IDE limit was)

Try partitioning by putting the 100MB netbsd partition at the start of
the drive, and then putting the 900MB win95 partition after it. (Hmm,
netbsd with X (200MB), nextstep (400MB), and os/2 (100MB) combined all
take < 900MB. Is win95 really that big? ;-)

> At current, I have just one partition on each drive.  Is it possible to
> install NetBSD one wd1 and boot off that one instead?  How?

yes, just get booteasy ( from simtel) and only install it
on drive 0. That way when you hit 'f5-second disk', it will load the
boot sectors for netbsd.