Subject: Package archive needs more stuff--here's an inventory
To: None <netbsd-users@NetBSD.ORG, current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John Kohl <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/09/1995 09:50:54
Here's what we have in the package archive

It would be nice to get more packages for popular programs/collections.
If you want to build a package, look at

i386 binaries for 1.0 (some of these are symlinked to -current
packages--let me know if they don't work!):

arc-5.21.tar.gz         Arc version 5.21
archie-1.4.1.tar.gz     Archie version 1.4.1
emacs-19.28.tar.gz      Emacs 19.28 with X toolkit (i386)
emacs-19.28-sans-X.tar.gz       Emacs 19.28 without X (i386)
flexfax23beta036.tar.gz FlexFax 2.3 beta release 036 for NetBSD 1.0 (i386)
gcc-2.6.3.tar.gz        GNU C Compiler, 2.6.3 (i386)
gnat-2.03.tar.gz        GNAT: Ada and C compiler
gnumake+bash.tar.gz     GNU utilities (i386)
gopher-2.1.2.tar.gz     Gopher version 2.1.2
gs312+gv15.tar.gz       GhostScript 3.12 and GhostView 1.5 (i386)
hylafax-3.0beta096.tar.gz       HylaFAX version 3.0 beta 095 (i386)
mfuud-3.7.8.tar.gz      mfuud 3.7.8
mh-6.8.3.tar.gz         MH 6.8.3 (i386)
mpeg_play-2.0.tar.gz    mpeg_play version 2.0
mtools-2.0pl7.tar.gz    mtools version 2.0 pl 7 (i386)
ncftp-1.5.6.tar.gz      ncftp v1.5.6
perl-5.000.tar.gz       Perl5.000 binaries for NetBSD-1.0/i386
tcsh6.05.tar.gz         tcsh 6.05 (i386)
tex.tar.gz              TeX 3.1415, MF 2.71, dvipsk-5.58c, xdvik-18d, plus TeX tools (i386)
unzip-5.12.tar.gz       UnZip 5.12 (i386)
workman_122a.tar.gz     WorkMan CD-Audio player, version 1.2.2a (i386)
xview32_client.tar.gz   XView 3.2 clients (i386)
xview32_pgmr.tar.gz     XView 3.2 programming kit (i386)
xview32_runtime.tar.gz  XView 3.2 runtime (i386)
zmodem-3.03.tar.gz      zmodem 3.03
zoo-2.01.tar.gz         zoo 2.01
XFree86-3.1.1/		XFree86-3.1.1

also: octave-1.1.1 (not in pkg format, octave has its own binary dist format)

m68k4k (hp300):

usr.X11R5.X11_dynamic.tar.gz    X11R5 remaining lib parts for shared kit (hp300)
usr.X11R5.X11_static.tar.gz     X11R5 remaining lib parts for static kit (hp300)
usr.X11R5.bin_dynamic.tar.gz    X11R5 binaries (dynamic linkage) (hp300)
usr.X11R5.bin_static.tar.gz     X11R5 binaries (static linkage) (hp300)
usr.X11R5.fonts.tar.gz          X11R5 fonts (hp300)
usr.X11R5.include.tar.gz        X11R5 include files (hp300)
usr.X11R5.lib_dynamic.tar.gz    X11R5 shared libraries (hp300)
usr.X11R5.lib_static.tar.gz     X11R5 static (.a) libraries (hp300)            X11R5 manual pages (hp300)

X11R6bin.tar.gz   X11R6 binaries and shared libraries (sparc)
X11R6cfg.tar.gz   X11R6 customizable configuration files (sparc)
X11R6font.tar.gz  X11R6 required fonts (sparc) 
X11R6fs.tar.gz    X11R6 Font Server (sparc)
X11R6lib.tar.gz   X11R6 data files (sparc)
X11R6prog.tar.gz  X11R6 programming kit--headers and static libraries (sparc)
X11R6sun.tar.gz   X11R6 server for Sun color displays (sparc)
X11R6sunmono.tar.gz       X11R6 server for Sun monochrome displays (sparc)
X11R6xfnt.tar.gz  XFree86 3.1.1 non essential fonts

m68k8k (amiga, sun3, mac):

bison-1.22.tar.gz       GNU Bison 1.22 (m68k)
cim-1.40.tar.gz         CIM v1.40 Simula -> C translator (m68k)
elm-2.4pl23.tar.gz      Elm 2.4pl23 (m68k)
emacs-19.28.tar.gz      GNU Emacs 19.28 with toolkit (m68k)
gccbin-2.6.2.tar.gz     GCC 2.6.2 (m68k)
gmake-3.71+bash-1.14.1.tar.gz   GNU Utilities: bash 1.14.1, make 3.71 (m68k)
irc-2.6.tar.gz          IRC 2.6 (m68k)
lha.tar.gz              LHA (m68k)
libg++-2.6.tar.gz       libg++, version 2.6 (m68k)
lynx-2.3.tar.gz         Lynx 2.3 (m68k)
netrek.tar.gz           netrek (m68k)
perl-4.036.tar.gz       perl 4.036 (m68k)
perl-5.000.tar.gz       perl 5.000 (m68k)
screen-3.6.0.tar.gz     Screen 3.6.0 (m68k)
tcl-7.3.tar.gz          Tool Command Language (tcl) 7.3 (m68k)
tcsh-6.05.tar.gz        tcsh 6.05 (m68k)
texinfo-3.1.tar.gz      texinfo 3.1 (m68k)
top-3.3.tar.gz          top 3.3 (m68k)

Please note:  If you are compiling GPL code, we need to provide source
on the NetBSD ftp server (in case the versions are updated elsewhere and
old source distributions are withdrawn).