Subject: netboot and dosload.exe (where to get it?)
To: None <>
From: squeedy <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/15/1994 13:29:46

i've been playing around with some code under arch/i386/netboot.  the
netbsd version of netboot code has a makefile dependency for boot.bin,
which is simply a "bin" file (i.e. stripped of a.out header).  the
README file suggests that dosload.exe program can be used to run this
file (under dos).  where can i can this dosload.exe program?  help!

i've also looked at freebsd version of netboot, which looked similar
to netbsd netboot code but done in different ways (both seem to be
based on the same CMU code but for some reason done by different
people for *bsd).  freebsd, for example, has a makefile which refers
to a * file, for which there is no rule to make!

now, i have no idea how freebsd can be used to generate a dos runnable
.com file, based on the output from gcc.  for example, the way linux
folks generate .com file for small things like these is to code
entirely in assembly and use as86/ld86 (bruce evans') and strip the
a.out hdr using "dd", which produces .com file.  how one converts a
gcc a.out to .com is beyond me, as freebsd netboot makefile seems to
suggest the possibility of.

in short, i'd really like to know where i can get dosload.exe from.
i'd rather not burn EPROM's without testing it out on floppy first.
thanks in advance, and sorry if i'm asking a stupid question.

Hwa-Jin Bae (
Peaceful Star, Oakland, CA