Subject: Re: XView3.2 on NetBSD-0.9
To: Garth Corral <>
From: Zdenek Salvet <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/13/1994 21:33:08
Garth Corral wrote:
>      I'm trying to build XView3.2 on my 486DX-50/NetBSD-0.9/XFree86-2.1.1 
> box and I am having the usual troubles with headers etc. (e.g.  XView 
> includes <syscalls.h> instead of <sys/syscalls.h>)  Before I go through 
> and try to hack all these files myself (assuming I even know what the 
> hell I'm doing), I was wondering if there is a set of patches available
> for just these circumstances.
>     I found a set of patches for XView and FreeBSD that seem pretty 
> extensive; These appear to be for the latest version of freebsd running 
> X11R6. I'm not sure if the reason for many of the changes are 
> specifically for FreeBSD or for X11R6.  Anyone out there know if these 
> patches will work for 0.9?  If these patches are to accomodate changes 
> since X11R5, would patches for an earlier version of FreeBSD running R5 
> work or are these too FreeBSD specific?  Are there any NetBSD patches?
>     Any help in getting this build will be greatly appreciated.

  I don't know anything about patches for FreeBSD but have 60K of gzipped
patches I used with NetBSD 0.9 + XFree 1.3. I use xview libs only 
for ftptool and olwm and never had any problem except cmdtool doesn't
work (no pity, xterm is much better IMHO).

Zdenek Salvet