Subject: XView3.2 on NetBSD-0.9
To: NetBSD Users <>
From: Garth Corral <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/12/1994 13:06:26
     I'm trying to build XView3.2 on my 486DX-50/NetBSD-0.9/XFree86-2.1.1 
box and I am having the usual troubles with headers etc. (e.g.  XView 
includes <syscalls.h> instead of <sys/syscalls.h>)  Before I go through 
and try to hack all these files myself (assuming I even know what the 
hell I'm doing), I was wondering if there is a set of patches available
for just these circumstances.

    I found a set of patches for XView and FreeBSD that seem pretty 
extensive; These appear to be for the latest version of freebsd running 
X11R6. I'm not sure if the reason for many of the changes are 
specifically for FreeBSD or for X11R6.  Anyone out there know if these 
patches will work for 0.9?  If these patches are to accomodate changes 
since X11R5, would patches for an earlier version of FreeBSD running R5 
work or are these too FreeBSD specific?  Are there any NetBSD patches?

    Any help in getting this build will be greatly appreciated.

                                             Thanks in advance,
                                               Garth Corral.