Subject: Any network performance numbers available for NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Rich Van Gaasbeck <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/15/1994 11:06:47

Has anyone gathered any networking performance numbers for NetBSD?
Ideally I'd like to see throughput and latency numbers from a 486/66
with a either a 3c507, WD8003, or SMC Elite16C Ultra (in that order of
preference).  In particular, I'd be interested in the numbers from the
benchmark program available via anonymous ftp at

Of course I'll never be lucky enough for someone to already have run
these benchmarks, so how about some more general questions.

How does NetBSD's networking performance compare to other PC Unixes,
especially the freely available variety?  Of the common ethernet cards
that have NetBSD drivers, which gives the best performance?  How fast
does the networking "feel"?  Are any NFS benchmark numbers available?
What kind of transfer rates does ftp report?  Can you saturate an
ethernet with two machines?


Rich Van Gaasbeck