Subject: 940319 bin problem
To: None <>
From: Rich <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/21/1994 15:37:08
Hello, I have installed the NetBSD-Amiga binaries version 940319 in
bin-dist that was put onto eunet. There is, however, a small problem.
Everytime I attempt to run one of the binaries I get:
                        trapsignal( ??, 8, 2, 0, 200d34c )
                        Floating point exception

This happens to all of the files in the *.940319.* binaries. I'm sure I
have something set up wrong, like a missing library or something. I have
tried both vmunix.744 and vmunix.generic-940325. My system consists of a
'030 (with MMU) and a '882 both running at 22Mhz with 9 megs of 32 bit.
The only libcrypt* I have is, do I need any more?

Also, where can I get a newer 'mfs' that doesn't give me the
message "mfs: ioctl (GDINFO): invalid argument" everytime I try to mount
partitions under vmunix.generic-940325? It works fine under vmunix.744.