Subject: Re: How do you update kernel only?
To: None <>
From: Steve M. Acheson <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/19/1994 09:37:06
>     1. I was compiling some program and ran while I was a root, but 
>     somehow the program has written a file somewhere in the kernel area 
>     that I have only 700 bytes left in the kernel.  Is there a way to 
>     update only the kernel?  

Uh, do you mean the root partition?  If you check the distrib files, they are
tarred files and you should be able to untar the files that go into the root. 
It might be easier to do a find based on date, owner, size, etc, before
restoring your partition.  If you really mean kernel, then I'm lost I guess...

>     3. I have installed XFree86 V2.1 and ran it, but it gave me an error 
>     message, "No".  What does this mean?  I have grabbed the static 
>     version of XFree86 V2.1 binaries from 

It means that you can't run those binaries on the 0.9 version of NetBSD.  The
README does say that the 2.1 binaries are only compiled for -current (after I
made the same mistake, I actually read the readme, sigh *grin*).

You'll need to get the source tree for XR5 and the XFree86 2.1 patches (or the
tree is avail from the .au site, but be considerate of THEIR link and THEIR
hours!) to compile 2.1 for 0.9.

I might do it, but trying to get the Xdistrib source to my machine via floppy
is just not gonna work :-)

Stick to 2.0 until you go -current.  Unless someone else has 2.1 binaries that
could be put onto lamp?

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